Musings on Food and Life

Musings on Food & Life

Food is my passion. I create, read, write, breath, eat, photograph, love and live food. As a chef and culinary instructor, each day is a quest to learn something new about a food ingredient, recipe, history, or fact about all things edible. Three silly dogs share my passion for eating and I'm blessed to be married to my best friend Tracy. Tune in for my thoughts on food, recipes, dogs, travel, music and life.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Welcome to New York

I was giddy with excitement as the wheels touched down on the runway.  Finally....I was going to New York City.  Manhattan.  Field of Dreams like no other.  Broadway.  Food.  Fashion.  Innovation.  Ellis Island.  Television.  Celebrities.  Central Park.  Shopping.  The world in a nutshell.  Yes, finally I was going to New York City for the first time. 

What would I See?  Taste?  Touch?  Would I fall in love with it?  Why did I wait so long??  All of these questions and more would be answered in the next few days.  Wide eyed with wonder, there was the Manhattan skyline as the taxi skirted the water and then drove over the bridge toward my destination.  This shot of the Chrysler building was taken from the Saveur Magazine conference room window. 

 Now that I'm back home, I can't wait to return.  Soon.  Very soon.  A few days at a conference barely skims any surface of experiencing what New York really is.  The promise that it holds.  The beauty.  The forgotten.  Dreams waiting to blossom and those that have already withered.  The excitement of what is and what will be.  The history of what has gone before.  I will be posting experiences from the International Association of Culinary Professional's annual conference for 2012 and things I saw,  people I met, what I hope to see next time, and all in between.   

And if you have not been to New York, make your plan, pack your bags and take off for the experience of a lifetime whether it's to take in a Broadway show, sample delectable food, buy that perfect pair of shoes, or to simply be.  Now I understand the phrase "I Love New York".


  1. I've always wanted to go to the IACP Conference. Can't wait to see your photos and hear about your experience!

  2. I love NYC! So glad that you had a great time!